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Serving Colorado

Centennial Landscape has been installing and maintaining commercial and residential landscape since 1991.  It was born as a small residential landscape repair company and has grown into a full service commercial contractor with seven figure yearly sales.  Centennial is privately owned and operated and has experienced continuing controlled growth.

Our Mission Statement

Centennial Landscape started as a small company and after tremendous growth is still run with the same principles responsible for itís success. We attempt to treat everyone, from the project managers to the site supervisors, with the same respect and understanding we give our friends and families.  Letís face it; success on most projects comes down to a few key people who are genuinely concerned about the outcome. At Centennial thatís what we strive to be, those few individuals that care. 

Mutually Beneficial Relationships

At Centennial we believe that every project deserves the same high level of performance. Whether itís our first contract with a new developer or our tenth, youíll always receive the same quality level of service.  Youíve heard the expression ďto many cooks in the kitchenĒ, well that sums up one of the biggest problems facing most projects, red tape.  Itís too difficult to get straight answers to simple questions.  With Centennial you get direct access to the people with the power to make decisions.  The result is a faster, less frustrating, more profitable project.  

 Coverage & Capabilities

Centennial Landscape has completed, is currently completing, or is in the bid phase of projects covering the entire Front Range.  We also operate west to Aspen, CO and east to Limon, CO.  Our average staff base per year is approximately twenty five. As of 2004 we can complete between one hundred fifty and three hundred thousand dollars of work value per month in season.  We also offer a full range of commercial utility installation damage repair, seeding, grading, drainage, wall construction, water features, winter watering, snow removal, chemical de-icing, and site cleanup.


Centennial Landscape is has recently completed or has current relationships with many different builders, developers, and corporations. The following is a partial list.  Village Homes, Etkin-Johnson, Porter Construction, Trammel Crow, USC Communications, Del West, US Homes, Carbone, Inc., R&R International, Hitt Contracting, City of Aurora, Highlands Ranch Metro District, Liverpool Metro District and Spiral Inc. A great percentage of our suppliers have local offices and warehouses and we have history and are in good standing.  Please feel free to contact us for a current reference list.

Centennial Landscaping